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Therefore, we'll limit our scope to English is unusual among world languages in how many of its users are not native speakers but speakers of English as a second or foreign language. [86] Many users of English in the expanding circle use it to communicate with other people from the expanding circle, so that interaction with native speakers of English plays no part in their decision to use English. [87] Policy Fortune 500 USA - 132 UK - 28 Percentage of English speakers by country Personal concerns Dark green: 80–100% Green: 60–80% Green: 40–60% Green: 20–40% Light green: 0–20% Development English is not merely a tool. Why It’s Hard to Say Exactly How Many Countries Speak English.

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Se hela listan på en.wikipedia.org Country % English speakers Eligible population Total English speakers; Algeria: 7: 35,954,000: 2,516,780: American Samoa: 80.1: 57,345: 45,933: Andorra: 22: 81,222: 17,869: Anguilla: 92.31: 13,000: 12,000: Antigua and Barbuda: 80: 85,000: 68,000: Argentina: 6.52: 42,192,500: 2,752,681: Aruba: 42.31: 104,000: 44,000: Australia: 97: 21,394,309: 17,357,833: Austria: 73: 8,415,000: 6,150,000: Bahamas: 87.13: 330,549: 288,000 But, which country in Europe has the most English speakers? Based on the percentage of English proficiency in the adult population, here are the top 10 European Countries with the best English language skills: 10) Portugal. Welcome to the top 10 Portugal! The Portuguese people have increased their English level considerably over the past couple of years.

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First, we need to define what it means for a country to be “English speaking.” According to the University of Sheffield, there are 18 countries where the majority of the population is native English speaking. English: This is a color coded diagram to indicate the percentage of English speakers of nearly all the world's countries. A few small islands have not been accounted for.

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Lately, I've But if you don't live in an English-speaking country, where can you find  Spoken by over 9 million people, Swedish is the national language of Sweden same in some places of the country - especially in the accent spoken by certain elders For an English speaker, their pronunciation can sound very, very similar. This means that temporary visitors from Australia, Algeria, Chile, Israel, Turkey and the Canadian state of Quebec can receive healthcare in Sweden under certain  engelsktalare translation in Swedish-English dictionary. en We concentrated on English-speaking nominal Christians. the French-speaking countries of Senegal, Mali, and Mauritania, as well as in the English-speaking country of Gambia. Moving from UK to Spain (or other English Speaking Countries USA, America or Canada). 9,189 views9.1K views.

Of english speakers by country

Datum, 9 juli 2007. Källa, Eget  av English Harmony Podcast: Improve English Fluency | Improve Spoken English | Learn Emigration to an English Speaking Country: My Honest Opinion.
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There are  8 Nov 2019 There are many other English speaking countries in Asia including Singapore and Pakistan.
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List of Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese and German speaking countries. Plus there are also 27 countries where English is spoken as a secondary 'official' language. Look at this cool map of people who can have a conversation in  Majority native English speaking countries · Antigua and Barbuda · Australia · The Bahamas · Barbados · Belize · Dominica · Grenada · Guyana  More flexibility. Except for technical or highly specialized positions, businesses and educational institutions in English-speaking countries generally seek  15 Nov 2016 The Netherlands has emerged as the nation with the highest English language proficiency, according to the EF English Proficiency Index, with a  Thus, the USA is by far the most populous English-speaking country and accounts for almost 70% of native English speakers (Britain, by comparison has a   The Netherlands is Top English-Speaking Country The Dutch have overtaken Sweden as the most proficient English speakers in the world outside the  English Speaking Country. Share: While Ireland has its own language and distinct cultural identity, English is the universal spoken language and is one of the  11 Nov 2019 The best and worst non-native English speaking countries · 1. Netherlands · 2.

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[2] There are also difficulties in obtaining reliable counts of speakers, which vary over time because of population change and language shift . English Speaking Countries in Europe. While the list above may constitute all of the “official” English speaking countries, there are still many countries and territories in which English is an important and commonly-spoken language. English Speaking Countries Even outside of the "Anglosphere", English often serves as a means to bridge the gap between diverse cultures. The English language is a global powerhouse. Many English speaking European countries have an extremely high level of English throughout the population due to having studied it from an early age, for example, across Scandinavia, at least 67% of the population speak English and even as high as 71% in Denmark. Some native English speakers’ attitude towards learning foreign languages could be summarized as “why should I learn a foreign language if pretty much everybody speaks English?” While it is true that English is among the most commonly learned second languages in the world, only a small percentage of the world population are able to speak All English-speaking countries in Europe use it as a second language.

The English Proficiency Index has published its latest research on where English is learned around the world and quality of teaching in each country to find the places with the highest proficiency of English as a second language.